Straighten Your Child's Teeth
While They Sleep

Never Undervalue the Importance of a Beautiful Smile

It is a fact that crooked teeth and an unsightly smile can lead to poor self-esteem. Very often this is sub-conscious, but nevertheless very real! Sadly, we are judged by our appearance and children can be ruthless with their comments about others, instilling hurt and damaging dignity which could last for a lifetime. In children this can lead to poor schoolwork and negatively affect their social lives.

Braces - Does This Make You Shudder?

Unfortunately there is no magic wand (yet) to fix a crooked smile. If there is, we will be the ones to find it! Until then we can promise you accurate information and the shortest, less painful way to straight teeth for your kid.

Dr. Marvin Lagstein is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and one of only a few Pediatric Dentists to receive a 'Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry" awards. For the past 34 years he has been striving to make the journey to perfect smiles for kids more tolerable, for both the child and the parent.

In his many years of orthodontic experience, he has seen so many kids and parents frustrated by poor cooperation of children who had to wear appliances full time. There had to be a better way - and Dr. Marvin Lagstein found it!

A New Technology that Changed Dr Lagstein's Life!

It changed his life because he discovered a way to give kids the great smile they deserve without putting them through the ordeal of frequent appliance adjustments and visits to the orthodontic office. Needless to say, this pleased the parents as well!

Request a free copy now of Dr. Lagstein's eBook on how to Straighten Your Child's Teeth While They Are Sleeping. Learn from his 34 years of pediatric dentistry experience and discover how this new technology can let your child have straight teeth in the shortest most convenient way possible today.



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